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What provides:
• Auto-graded quick assessment for Common Core State Standards in K - 6
• Auto-grade quick assessment for RIT bands grades 2 - 8                                
• Video tutorials                                                                                                         
• Worksheets                                                                                                             
• Videos for teachers and students                                                                         
• Photo Gallery - for education use only                                                           does not provide:
Track student progress (see                                                        
 Include a grade book (see                                                          
Message students (see                                                               
• Classes or groups (see                                                               
• Drag and drop questions (see                                                   
• Video and audio questions (see                                               
• The ability to create, edit, copy, or share assessment (see
** is based mainly on the Common Core State Standards.  We do not have enough funding at this time to transfer all the RIT tests into
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