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"My 3rd grader's scores improved significantly on the MAP test after reviewing on" Jan, Atlanta, GA

"Great review for state tests, my students love the challenge and immediate feedback." Ron, St. Paul, MN

"Thank you for everything you guys do.  My daughter's scores on the MAP test went up in English and math this year." Jody, Chicago, IL

"I use for homework and for extra credit.  This really helps my second grade students become familiar with using the computer and getting them ready next year for the MAP tests." Laurie, Spokane, WA 

"I use to see where my home school daughter is at compared to public school students.  Thanks for the free resource, I will throw a buck into your coffee fund!"  Jackie, Columbus, OH

"This website is a lifesaver. My kids work together on quizzes and discuss all their answers before submitting. It helps some understand and strengthens others to better understand. Can't live without it!"
Carla, Greensboro, NC

"I look for a couple of tests to assign for 'homework.' Then teach my lesson. They have questions and want to know how to do it correctly. They are much more involved." Randy, Dodge City, Kansas

"My parents really like working with their students on Prepdog. It is something they can do to help." Paula, Myrtle Beach,  SC

"The practice my kids get on Prepdog really helps me identify problems students are experiencing." Mark, Battle Creek, MI

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