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About Us

Prepdog.org is the brainchild of three junior high school teachers working in the Boise School District in Boise, Idaho, Rob Blaine, Brian Hunicke, and Paul Zimmerebner.  After No Child Left Behind was introduced, the pressure to bring every student to a proficient level increased dramatically.  Prepdog.org is designed as an additional tool to help students increase their scores by becoming familiar and comfortable with standardized online testing.  Being teachers, Rob, Brian, and Paul knew that teachers do not have any extra money to spend on expensive online testing sites, so they made Prepdog.org free for anyone in the world to use. 

Prepdog.org will remain in place as a free site with advertisements to pay for the cost of servers and maintenance.  Prepdog.com will morph into a more complex and comprehensive tool for teachers.  We are currently working on launching a new site under the old name of Prepdog.com.

Many of the questions are the result of hundreds of hours of work by Rob, Brian, and Paul.  Other questions are from individuals, and the Jerome School District.  The questions are all free, Prepdog.org merely converted free and donated questions into an interactive medium.  Due to the number of questions and tests on the site it is a tedious and difficult task to find all the mistakes made by teachers submitting questions.  Prepdog.org is constantly working to correct any mistakes, but keep in mind that this site is designed to gather as many questions as possible from teachers around the world.  Also keep in mind that mistakes will happen when you do not pay for questions.  If you find a mistake or copyright infringement please email
contactus@prepdog.com and the mistake will be fixed as soon as possible. If you find a copyright infringement please send a copy of the original or URL link so that we may make sure that there is indeed an issue.

Thank you for visiting Prepdog.com,

The Prepdog Boys


About Us

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