RL.4.1 Refer to details and examples in text

RL.4.1 Refer to details and examples in text

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


A Pure Heart

A story from China

1    There once was a poor farmer who had three daughters. They lived outside a small village and they struggled to make it, but they were happy although years before the farmers wife had died due to a long illness.

2    The daughters missed her, but were quite happy working the farm and singing at night. People would come from surrounding villages just to hear them. The sisters became know as the Nightingales because of their pure sound.

3    One day the youngest sister became ill. She seemed to have the same disease that their mother had. The old farmer looked down on his daughter and thought his heart would burst if he lost her to the same illness that had taken his wife.

4    He wanted to go and get help for her, but they were poor and he had no money to pay for a doctor. He felt trapped. How could he earn money to help his beloved child? Then he decided that he would go into the Forbidden Forest and try to find the legendary treasure that was said to be buried there.

5    He had wanted to go for the treasure when his wife fell ill, but she had begged him not to saying, “Husband, what will become of our daughters if something were to happen to you? And if I don’t get better, what would happen to them then?”

6    “You are not only lovely, but so level headed too,” he laughed. “What would I ever do without you?”

7    “You would do what you must,” she whispered. Their eyes met and he quietly nodded - taking her hands in his and brushing her hair gently out of her eyes. She died later that night.

8    The old farmer woke thinking of that last night with his wife and was even more determined to go and seek the treasure in the dangerous Forbidden Forest. It was said that no one who ever entered the forest ever returned.

9    Knowing that his daughter would protest, he quietly slipped out of the house and left a note telling of his plan. He walked for days to reach the edge of the forest. Once he looked into the forest his heart was filled with fear. He understood why no one would ever want to enter. Then, he remembered the face of his wife and his sick daughter and decided he must go in.

10    As he walked deep into the forest he hear something behind him, but when he turned there was nothing there. This continued all day and that night he could hear something groaning outside his camp.

11    The next day was exactly the same as the day before. He could hear something following him. Then, at night, the groaning. He was becoming more and more afraid, but something told him that he must find out what was following him.

12    He quietly rose from his bed roll, and slipped into the forest. He waited for several minutes, letting his eyes adjust to the dark, then he crept slowing toward the sound. Just ahead he saw an enormous shadow.

13    As the moon shone through a moving cloud, he clearly saw a giant creature moaning and holding its foot. Just then it looked up and saw the farmer. “Fall down and fear the mighty beast!” It roared.

14    The old man sank down to one knee trembling with fear, but then he saw the face of his dear children in his mind. This gave him courage and he stood saying, “What ails the mighty beast?”

15    “Never mind, go on your way or die!” It screamed.

16    “No, I will help you instead,” said the farmer as the fear fell from him. “I can see that you are hurt and need some help, and I will do what I can to ease your pain.”

17    “No one ever wants to help me, they come in my forest to steal from me, or try and kill me,” said the beast with a look of distrust in his eyes. “Why would you help me?”

18    “Because I have needed help in my life and no one ever gave it to me.” With that, the farmer slowly approached the beast making sure the beast could see his empty hands. He didn’t want the beast to think that he had any evil intent.

19    “Stop!” grumbled the beast. “I will crush you like a bug if you don’t stop!”

20    The farmer paused and then said, “Friend, I have no desire to harm you, and as you have said, you could crush me at anytime. I am reaching into my bag because I can see that you have a nasty cut on your foot. I have an herb that will soothe it, and heal it.”

21    With that, the farmer slowly produced a jar with the herb. He took it out and rubbed some on his own arm to prove to the beast that it would not harm him. The farmer then slowly walked up to the beast and began applying it to the beast’s wound.

22    “Ahh...that feels good. I thought you had come to my forest to steal from me, or try to kill me. Why are you here?”

23    The farmer hesitated, should he tell the beast the truth. He had come to find a treasure, but he knew now that the beast considered it stealing. What would the beast do to him? He had always lived as an honest man, so he knew he must tell the truth. He told the beast his story and waited to see what would happen next.

24    “You told me the truth...knowing that it might cost you your life. You helped me, knowing too, that it could cost you your life. You have a pure heart. You risked your life to save your daughter. You have touched me farmer, deep, deep, inside.”

25    As the beast uttered these last words a bright light began to shine out from him. The farmer shielded his eyes. The beast began to change form. When the light died down, the farmer no longer saw the beast, instead he saw a handsome man richly clothed.

26    “Don’t be afraid farmer. I was cursed to roam this forest many years ago by an evil witch. Your kindness has freed me. Thank-you.” The farmer was speechless.

27    The man gave the farmer a small pouch of gold and told him that if he ever needed anything to come back to the forest and he would do all that he could for him. The farmer thanked him and hurried back home to find a doctor for his daughter.

Where in the text does farmer help the beast?
Paragraph 27
Paragraph 1 & 26
Paragraph 21 & 24
Paragraph 18


The theme of this story is:
That you should steal if you need to help others.
That it is important to be true to yourself.
That you should not go into scary forest.
That illness can rob you of those close to you.


Why is the beast following the farmer in the forest?
Because beasts just do that sort of thing.
Because his foot hurts and he wants help.
Because he is going to kill and eat him.
Because he thinks he is trying to steal from him.


mc004-1.jpg      The literal meaning is a deep place like a well, or a valley. What does the beast mean?
That his emotions have been affected deeply.
That the farmer has created a well in him.
That the farmer has touched his guts
That the farmer has created a valley in him.

Multiple Response
Identify one or more choices that best complete the statement or answer the question.


In what paragraphs does the farmer thinks about his wife, or daughters?(Check all that apply).
Paragraph 5
Paragraph 3
Paragraph 26
Paragraph 14


This story is told in the third person point of view. How would it change if it had been told from the 1st person point of view?
It would be exactly the same because point of view does not really matter.
We should never have more than one point of view for a good story.
We would have known more about all of the characters thoughts and feelings.
The reader would only know what one of the characters felt, or thought.

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