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3rd Grade Measurement & Data
Geometric measurement: understand concepts of area and relate area to multiplication and to addition.  Standard 7a&b, Test 1

Numeric Response


How many square meters is the room above?



Mary bought a new storage container for her jewelry.  How big is her storage unit in square inches?



Adam wanted to paint the floor of his bedroom.  To buy the right amount of paint, he needed to know how many square feet his bedroom alone was.  How many square feet is there in his bedroom alone?



Adam decided to paint his closet a different color.  He still needed to know how much paint to buy for the closet.  How many square feet is his closet?



How many sq. centimeters is one side of this box?



Which lid (1, 2, 3 or 4) would fit on the square box at the top?



Albert made a playground for his yard.  How many square yards is his playground?



This square box has 100 sq.inches for each side.  What is the measurement in inches of each side (top or bottom, front or back) of the box?



Sally was measuring her bed frame.  She found that it had a total of 24 square feet.  The bed was 6 feet long.  How many feet wide was her bed?



Victor built a shed with 81 square feet of floor space.  The front and back are 9 feet wide each.  How many feet are the sides?


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